BA (HONS) Interior Design
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  • As Associate and Lead Interior Designer, Josephine oversees and manages the interior design team on projects both nationally and internationally.

    Her approach to projects ensures she works closely with clients to establish their vision, ensuring everyone’s needs are met. Josephine also works in partnership with our team of architects by liaising with them to determine the best use of space.

    This collaborative approach has worked well to develop briefs and design concepts for numerous projects across a broad range of sectors. Her commitment to being a strong design leader has seen her manage the interiors package on several award-winning projects, such as 55 Colmore Row in Birmingham, Huddersfield Leisure Centre, Staffordshire University and Packages Mall in Pakistan.

    Being passionate about design, Josephine is always looking to create unique and interesting concepts, using the latest in furniture, finishes and materials, with a solid understanding of how the end user will utilise and experience the space.

    A particular area of interest for Josephine is biophilia and wellness, as this not only benefits the users of the space but also the client. Wellness focused design can provide a number of benefits across a range of sectors. It has shown to increase patient happiness and recovery times resulting in a faster patient turnover and increasing overall efficiency. Staff productivity has been shown to increase as well as staff retention and a reduction in stress related issues has decreased sick leave. In the education sector student concentration and cognitive performance is boosted resulting in better test scores and attendance rates.

    Josephine remains up-to-date on the latest statistics in regards to wellness and biophilia as well as keeping up-to-date on new developments in the design industry.